Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Funny Moments - The Church is TRUE

Well things here in Guatemala are good. Just hot and sweating all the time, but hey its all good because I am teaching the people about the Gospel of Jesus Christ! We had a good week this week. We had some funny moments. One of them was my companion asked "How many Churches do we see now on earth". The man said, "I dont know because I can't see". The other was "What were the fundamentals that in which Jesus Christ formed his church" and the man said I don't know I wasn't there. Oh dear, I had just explained it to him, haha good times. The church is so true! We have seen miracles but also have had some hard times finding new investigators. We had an experience I was on divisions with another Hermana and we found a lady that night at like 8:45 who has always rejected us and she finally let us in because her nephew had been testifying to her that he knows the church is true and that there will be missionaries to come visit her that day and we came! It was great. She said sorry for never letting you guys in. I actually had a pday yesterday and we went to a lake with a family that lives here. She is our cook and they are like my family here. It was fun! Nice to do something fun. My companion and I had a good time. Oh when we had divisions the Hermana that I was with she said that she can tell that I am here for the right reason and that I am sincere with my investigators and that I love them. Its great! I KNOW THE CHURCH IS TRUE!!!

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