Thursday, April 3, 2014

Training, Emergency Room, Loving the Gospel

I am doing good! The mission is a good time! I realized this week that the more I teach the more I love it! I am grateful that more and more I am understanding the language which is a blessing. Sometimes I just look at my companion when I dont understand and she helps me out. Sometimes people look at me like, she is speaking spanish. Well yes its kind of necessary when you are living in a country that speaks spanish. This past week, I have been busy with nursing stuff with having a training, going to a doctors appointment and then having to go to the emergency room with a sister missionary. As well as take the phone calls from the missionaries. Satisfying to hear when you have made a difference. One sister missionary said she is going to make me 12 batches of cookies when she gets home because I have been so patient with her haha It was funny. Teaching the gospel this week has been good. I contacted a lady on the street last week and we visited with her this past week and I feel like she is going to progress. She is really thankful that we have come to visit her and she wants to come to church with us! I love seeing the change in the people! Some are really converted! Teaching the gospel is great and if you have an opportunity to teach the gospel. DO IT!!

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