Monday, March 31, 2014

Who needs a Plumber or Electrician when you have Hermana Newman?

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Baptism, Plumber/Electrician, Nursing - This Sister is busy.

My mission is going good. This week we had a baptism which was wonderful. What a blessing it is to see the change. This man has been waiting for 8 months and he finally was able to be baptized. He told us that he didn't think that this day was here. He said that it doesn't seem real. It's great to see the change. Another investigator this week said that he is realizing that baptism is necessary!! Yes! It's very important in your life. The lessons have been good, sometimes its hard to find new investigators, but we are working hard. I am an electrician as well. I was able to change out our shower head which it's not just a normal shower head thats in the US its one that you have to disconnect the wire and then you have to reconnect it back up. It was a good time. That was part of my pday as well as washing clothes by hand. haha good times. I was proud when I finished the shower head and we had hot water again. Our other shower was spraying in all different directions and just wasn't working out for us. It's was wonderful to take a nice warm shower with pressure today. haha Nursing things are going well, just learning each day how to help these missionaries because they are calling with different things each day, but it's good to help them out and be there for them. I love to be able to help them. I know that this church is true! I am so thankful for the opportunity that I have to serve and to able to bring these people into the restored gospel of Jesus Christ!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Teaching - Learning - Experiences of Plenty - Embracing the Gospel

This week has been good. My companion and I have had some good times of laughter and success. Then hard times when our investigator doesn't show up for his interview or when we are trying to be guided on who to teach. It's good though. Everyday is a learning process which is great. I love learning more about the gospel and wish that I could just study all day sometimes, but I know I can learn as I teach these people as well. At times it's weird to think that I am speaking in Spanish, I must say it's great when people tell you that your Spanish has really improved since I first was in this area. Some funny moments that happened this week was we came back to our house one night and my chips were on the ground and my companions bread had some bites taken out of it, she looked at me and said un gato and I thought oh dear, it was silent for a moment and we heard meow. Yep we had a cat in our house, but don't worry I got it out well just moved a block because it was trapped and it ran out. SO FUNNY! Also, a little girl asked me as I was talking to her mom in the street, she asked if I had contacts in or if they were the color of my eyes. I said they are the natural color of my eyes. People here dont have blue eyes. It was funny! Three of our converts now have callings in the ward and two of them are in the Young Mens Presidency and the other is a secretary for the ward. It's great seeing the change in them and seeing them be faithful in the gospel. One of our converts saw me the other day and just gave me a great big hug and said, I am just so excited to see you. She is great! We are working to have people progress and to find new people who are ready to hear the gospel. There are many in the street, when we talk to them who just look at us like it's the missionaries again and others walk faster and then there are some that actually listen to us. Its good though. Makes things fun and the ones who are ready will listen. I KNOW THE CHURCH IS TRUE!!!! Go out and work with the missionaries!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What a sweet missionaries.


Blessing of being on a Mission

My mission is going good. I now have a new companion, she is from Quetzaltenango Guatemala. She is fun and we have a good time together. Working hard and trying to teach as many people as we can. She came to me and so I have been the one to guide the area because she doesn't know anything about the area which that has been difficult but it's good. It's a blessing to be able to stay in this area with people that I know. One of our recent converts saw me the other day and she hugged me and said she was sooo excited to see me. She is great!! This week nothing too exciting happened besides changing companions and being the nurse solo. It's good though. Learning each day how to be a missionary and how to take care of the missionaries. It's a blessing to serve a mission. I know this is where I need to be at this time in my life!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Mission Pres. - New companion - Earthquakes - Volcanos - Good Times

Today I had the opportunity to go and teach the new missionaries about health. It was great! It was nice to go and help them. My mission president and his wife are AMAZING!! He told me that he was listening to my presentation and said that I am doing great and that I am going to do continue to do awesome. They are such powerful people. Hermana Brough gave me a hug as we were leaving and said you are going to be fine, we are going to learn together. She is so wonderful. I love working with them. Being the nurse you definitely have the opportunity to be closer to the mission president and his wife. My companion told me today that I am kind of like the assistant to the presidents wife. Its true. They are so wonderful. He told me that I am going to get one of the best missionaries in the field this next transfer which is tomorrow because now I am going to be the only one doing nursing. Anyways this week was great! We had four baptisms this past Sunday and what a great experience that was. To see them change is a wonderful sight. Also, on Sunday we had Stake Conference and we were going on the bus (not very many people have cars so they bused us all up to the other church) and I thought I saw smoke, well I look over and the volcano is erupting that was fun. Just smoke was coming out from what I could see. Sometimes we are studying and can feel small earthquakes, its fun. It's amazing to see the Lord put people in our paths. As we are walking down the streets we will come in contact with people that we really need to talk too. It's a great blessing to see the Lord working with us and guiding us to the people that are ready to hear our message. We have people progressing here and what a great sight it is to see them change and come to know the truthfulness of the gospel. My companion and I have had so much fun together this past change. We have had many laughs, about nursing, about anything and everything. We ran in the rain from an investigators house and that was fun. Apparently when its rainy season it's like rivers, so thats going to be a good time. Everyday is full of surprises. I KNOW THE CHURCH is TRUE!! I am so excited that I have the opportunity to share the gospel with the people here. What a blessing it is!!