Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The changing of companion's.

Tomorrow we have changes and I am going to have a new companion. I have sure loved being with my companion for 12 weeks. We have had a great time together working hard. We have had our difficult times, but we get through them. It's sad to have her leave me, but it will be good to have a new companion and learn from her. Pres Brough I know has chosen someone who will work great with me and that will be patient with nursing things. Well this past week has been good. We have had some great lessons, but we have also heard people say that they don't want to listen anymore. It's sad because it's the people surround them that often say things to them about us which things are not true. The people just dont understand. We are working hard to find the chosen. Those who are prepared to hear about the gospel. We had a lesson with one of our investigators and the second counselor in the Stake Presidency visited him with us. It was AWESOME! One of the best lessons that I have had. He challenged him to be baptized this Sunday and he said I will be there at your baptism. It was awesome. We had ward conference and it is so great when I can actually understand. The bishop last night asked us what I thought and I said it was what we needed to hear and I said it's great when I can actually understand it too. It's a blessing. It's a wonderful priviledge to teach these people about the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ! Everyone share your testimony with others!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Finally a PDay to enjoy.

Things here are good. Just teaching away!! It's been a good but hard week. The reason it was hard is because we have had people that don't want to listen to us anymore. They have said that they are attending another church, we even have some converts that are going to another church. It's a bit difficult, but we are working with them. Last night we were with the Bishops wife she went out with us before her Family Home Evening and she told me that she remembers when I first came here and that I could hardly speak Spanish and she has definitely seen an improvement. Thats good to know! We are just working hard and trying to find investigators! We had a young woman come church who is 13 and she really liked it a lot!! She is praying and reading and she wants to come again. Her mom isnt ready to come to church with us but her other sister came as well. That was awesome!! Yesterday I finally had a pday. The mission presidents wife gave me permission to go to a doctors appointment another day so that I could go to Antigua with my zone! It was great! I had a good time and definitely was needed. She told me that I needed a pday! Now I am ready to work this weeek!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Working Hard, Mission Pres kind words, Mother's Day

Well this week was good, but hard. People really didn't want to hear from us, but we just worked as hard as we could. There was a carnival here so a lot of the people were there and not in their houses, but it's all good. We have this week to work hard. I had a good interview with my president and he said if you don't remember anything else remember that WE LOVE YOU! It was way sweet. He is amazing and really has the spirit with him. This week on Saturday which was Mother's Day here we were walking down the street and a lady in a Paca (where you can buy used clothing) she looked at us and and waved her hand to come to her. She gave us both a hug and then just started crying we had no idea why, we didn't know her. I felt though that she was a member from a different ward. Well it was true. She is a member from a ward that is right by us and she has a daughter on a mission. She needed a hug because her daughter isn't there with her for Mother's day. It was way sweet and glad that we could comfort her. I am so thankful for this opportunity that I have to serve a mission. I have learned a lot and I am so thankful to be able to continue to learn more. I KNOW THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS IS TRUE!!! Yo se que la Iglesia de Jesucrist de los Santos de los Ultimos Dias es VERDADERA!!!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Fun Pictures

new companion
Trip to the lake
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Teaching the Gospel is fun to do, fun to do, fun to do.

Well things here in Guatemala are good. Yes I am preparing for the rainy season, it rained the other day and they were not joking when they said rivers, and I had my crocs on and that was a blessing. Teaching the gospel is GREAT! I love it! One of our investigators who has had an interview for baptism didn't show up for his baptism. We have been teaching him still and then Saturday as we were asking him about the Book of Mormon he said I have to tell you guys something, I have made my decision and I have accepted to be baptized. He wants to do it this Sunday because it's his wife's birthday. She passed away five years ago. It was such a great experience to hear that from him and then we taught him on Sunday. He said that God knows that he has made his decision. That was awesome! We also taught another lady who has been praying to find the truth and that her door is open. We taught her and she is great! We need her to attend church with us to learn more as well. Oh it's great to find the ones who are ready to hear about the gospel!! My companion told me this past week that in one of our lessons that my Spanish was amazing and that she wanted to talk, but I was just going at it. She said that they understood what I was saying my words were great! That makes me feel good to hear that. The spirit definitley helps with the language! I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to serve the Lord!