Thursday, January 30, 2014

Witnessed First Baptism

Well this week was good! I had the opportunity to witness two people be baptized in the Gospel! What a great experience that was! I love it! They really enjoyed it. One of them said when he went into the font the water was cold but then when he was coming out from being baptized he didn't even realize he was cold. I am learning the language, but man does it get irritating when I don't fully understand what they are saying and then I don't know exactly what to say in Spanish. Things in my new location are good, it's different, but good. We have people that are progressing which is really nice! In my last area, we hardly had any people progressing, but we still shared the gospel with them, so they were at least aware of this great church. This week we had the opportunity to go and help two missionaries in the hospital. They just had visits, but each time they have to go to the hospital the nurse has to go with them. It's a two and a half hour bus ride to get to the hospital. The nurse is usually in a different area which is like a half hour away, but the President moved my companion a couple transfers ago to this area. I don't know if I will get moved closer later on or what will happen. It took up our whole P day. We got our grocery shopping done in 10 minutes and we were out the door by 5:00 to go teach people. The Lord really helped us to be able to do this work and be obedient. I have had a few times where I have answered the call for nursing and helping the missionaries. I am grateful for this opportunity that I have to serve and bring these people of Guatemala into the Gospel!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Transfer Time - Let the nursing training begin.

Well I transfered to an area closer to the capital and I am now with the other nurse. I answered calls today from missionaries who are sick and I just need to pray that I will be able to listen to the spirit for what things I can say to them. My companion though helps me and that is great. I am thankful that I get to be with her for 6 weeks to be able to learn nursing and to be able to learn from her on how she teaches this gospel. It was soo hard to say goodbye to the people I was serving in my last area. When I was saying bye to the ward mission leader he looked at me after I was done talking and said Hermana your spanish is wonderful. You really have improved a lot. We had the priviledge of hearing from ELDER COOK yesterday and boy was that AMAZING!!!!! He is an inspired man. He wanted to shake all of our hands so we had the opportunity to do so. There was about 700 missionaries there. Three different missions which meant that I got to see people from the CCM too which was great! He said you are where you are supposed to be right now in your life and that was soooo great to hear that from an apostle. Not that I was doubting that I am not supposed to be here but to hear that from an apostle was great. It was in English too so that was really nice to be able to understand everything instead of trying to understand a few words and then put them together into what exactly was being said. I LOVE THE GOSPEL!!!! Well grandma asked if I have spoken in church yet, well the answer is YES, this past week I did and that was fun. haha I prepared my talk the night before in like 20 minutes and of course I cried, but the members came up to me and said what a beautiful message you shared and your testimony. I thought that was really nice and they even said they understood it. haha extra blessing. This language is good, its tough at times, but its good. Everyday I learn more and my companion is teaching me more everyday. We have two baptisms this weekend so that will be great!!!!! The people in my last area were having a hard time actually progressing and here we actually have progressing investigators who want to be baptized. Its GREAT!!! THE CHURCH IS TRUE!!!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Hot Birthday, Testimony, Dead Squirrels - What a week it has been.

Well this was my first birthday where it was hot in the day. I didn't do anything special for my birthday, just a regular day of teaching people. There is a member in the branch which it was his birthday as well so that was fun! He is the ward mission leader and is way nice! There is a older man that we go and read The Book of Mormon with because he can't read and it is nice to just sit down and read and explain The Book of Mormon with him. We were about to start and he pulls out of his bag two dead squirrels which was his dinner. My companion was about to run away when she saw them. haha. This past Sunday I decided to pray in the morning to have another assurance that Joseph Smith was a prophet and restored the gospel and then in Sacrament we sang Joseph Smith's First Prayer and WOW that was my answer. I definitely could have started crying then. The spirit was so strong and that night I was able to bear testimony of my experience that I had with people. We taught a family that we haven't taught since Christmas Eve and that was great to teach them again and afterwards the dad said that my Spanish was better which definitely makes me feel good. It's hard for me to really realize that it has progressed, but when I hear it from other people it tells me that I have progressed. Yesterday for Zone P day we went to church property and did some service and then hung out. It seriously felt like I was in the mountains of Utah. They have their camps there and EFY. I got to talk to a member who is from Canada, her family is building an orphanage. We got to talk in English which was sooo nice! Nice to have a conversation now and then in English.