Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Another Baptism Happy Day.

I am doing good. This week was great! We had a baptism and that always makes us happy when that happens. She is great as well, I love this lady. I also helped the missionaries a ton this week which is always an adventure. We make it through though and we have to make it a good time. I am thankful to be serving a mission and helping them out. Yesterday I had a pday and I was writing in my journal and totally fell asleep with my pen in the hand and yep slept for like a half an hour. It was great! I never have those moments. Teaching is great and being the nurse as well. Even though there are the hard times we make it through and help them out. I will not be having changes so I will be in the same area until December and will have 11 months in the same stake, it's good though. I love this stake!! Share the gospel!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Hospital visit with a Sister.

Well this week was a little different to say the least. I thought I was going to my zone pday and ended up going to the hospital which it was good to help a sister out. I got a call at 4:00 in the morning and we headed to the hospital. She is all good now and we ended up sleeping at the hospital. It's always an adventure on what comes each day. I don’t  know what comes each day, but always try to be prepared for what may come. Teaching the gospel has been good, we are working hard trying to find the chosen. Sometimes we knock doors a ton, but we don’t lose the faith we just keep working hard to be able to find them. The church is true!! 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Always busy, never a dull moment.

This week was a good week! It was an adventure yesterday in the capital helping the missionaries. I had 8 missionaries to help, 5 being glasses, but wow was I running. We left before 7:00 A.M. and didn't get back till 7:30 at night. That was a long day but it was good helping the missionaries and we got all of our contacts in and we had two lessons. We just keep going! I had divisions with one of my good friends here and we had such a great time. People thought we were twins and we sorted plastic bottles into their appropriate color, that was eventful. Also, liver isn't super good, it has a weird texture. The best thing to do here is eat and then ask that's what I did. The church is true and we teach under what comes down from the sky! We are all here sitting soaking wet because it was a down pour and was a river in the street so our skirts are sopping wet. Good times! We keep moving forward to bring children unto Christ!! 

Friday, October 10, 2014

Marriage on new convert



Bajio Rice

P day Fun

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Great General Conference

Conference was AMAZING! I got to listen to it in English with other North Americans. The funny part was when I was listening to Elder Holland didn't realize it, but I was translating in Spanish, looked down and had written a few words in Spanish. I loved how we need to stay on the ship and don't forget the times when the Lord is helping you, be who you need to be! It's soo true. All of us need to continue to become who we need to be in the eyes of Heavenly Father. I know he is always helping us even when we have our errors. The week was good, my comp is from Mexico and she just finished her training! We are working hard and having a good time going to the capital for pday and helping the missionaries at all times. Well more of it she is my shadow because she can't go anywhere without me, it's good though. I am so thankful for the church and that I can share it with people. I want to print off Elder Bednars talk and give it to everyone. Share the gospel!!