Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Know that the Lord is proud of you all and that HE LOVES YOU!!!

Well life here in Guatemala is great!! Still going strong!! The work of the Lord is the best and greatest decision anyone can make! There are miracles that await each and everyone of us! We need to be open and listening to the spirit and he will guide us. If he isn't guiding us to the people we need to talk to, he is guiding us to where we need to be in life. Sometimes we don't realize the people the Lord puts in our paths, but we know we just need to keep trusting and talking to the people! I am so excited for General Conference this weekend and I hope you all are too because its this time that we receive revelation for ourselves and for the people around us! We are here to learn and to grow. but we can't do that without acting! I love the work!! Keep your heads up and know that the Lord is proud of you all and that HE LOVES YOU!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Share the Gospel

Well this week has been good and interesting, we just have to take each day one day at a time.  The Lord will help us do it. I love the missionary life and the nursing life even though sometimes they are so crazy!! that is what I have really learned that you just have to have the faith and know that the Lord has a plan for each of us! Two cool experiences. I had the opportunity to go to a sealing for a convert and what a great experience that was for me to be able to go there and witness it! I loved it so much. Then the sister training leaders called me and said that when I was in there area that I contacted a girl that was crying in the park and when I was talking to her she felt that God was telling her that the church was true. They have been teaching her and that is what she told them. I thought that was really cool!! We never know the impact that we have on people and so we need to share the gospel with everyone!!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Remember Every Member is a MISSIONARY

This week was good! We had a family be BAPTIZED!! That was soo AMAZING!! I absolutely loved it. I have been able to see their change from the beginning and that was a blessing for me to see them have that desire. They are soo happy now. She said that she doesn’t want to stop reading the scriptures because its like a story. She is pilas!! (which is awesome!) I love them so much! We also got to have a conference with Elder Andersen from the 12 Apostles and that was absolutely wonderful!! I loved it! He really stressed how much we need to focus on understanding the Atonement! He was so great and shook all of our hands. I also was able to see people from my district in the MTC who I haven’t seen in 14 months and that was great! What an amazing thing it is to see the people that you haven’t seen in so long and the change they have had. I love the gospel so much! I am so thankful to be able to be serving here and remember that every member is a missionary so we need to all share the gospel with people. We don’t know who will be touched by your example and by the influence that you have had on them!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Baptism, Marriage Woohoo Happy Day.

We love miracles!! We had a marriage on Saturday and it was the best thing in the world!! During the week though they were kind of debating on if they wanted to do it or not. We had a lesson with them and I talked about fasting and then after the lesson I told my companion that I wasn’t joking about fasting and she agreed! Well the next day we fasted and then the day after that my companion went and visited them with another sister because we had divisions and they decided to do it and they DID IT!! Today we are going to have their baptisms and I am so excited. I know they are going to do it. He is a little iffy, but he can do it!! I know that the power of fasting is real and can change lives. That was a really confirming evidence that fasting works for me. I love it and she is soo ready. She said yesterday before we taught them I don't know if he asked, but I know I am doing it. I love it soo much!! They make me just want to work and find all of those people who are ready to change and have the gospel in their lives. I can't imagine my life without these people.. I also love the temple so much!! it is such a great place where we can find peace and next week I get to go to a sealing of my convert!! YAY!! 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Witnessing Miracles

We have seen miracles and I believe in them!! The members are so important in the work. I really can testify of it now. We have a family that we have been teaching for a while now and I was like if they aren't going to decide to get married soon than we have to leave them. Well this week we visited them and there was like a light bulb that turned on in his head and he has seen a change too. Then the Bishop and a counselor went and visited them and they challenged them to think of a date to get married and they said they would pray for it and let them know in church. Well during our baptism that we had, the counselor comes in and he said Hermana's I have something urgent for you. The family is going to get married on Saturday at 3 and she is going to get baptized Sunday and he is going to pray about it. YAY!! I asked them if they are going to get baptized after and she said I AM!! haha I Loved it so much! I love seeing this happen!! Nursing is good, always an adventure that is for sure! I love it though!!