Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Success in contacting sweet people of Guatemala

Well this week was good! It was a fast week. My companion and I contacted 109 families and 459 people. It was a great week of contacting in the street and on the buses. Our families that was awesome!! Teaching is good, we have found families that want to learn more the only trouble is that they need to attend church and there are some that need to get married. This week we were teaching a family who are MARRIED (miracle. After teaching about Joseph Smith I asked the father how he felt and he said that he has listened to other people talk about their churches, but hasn't felt like this before. It was great!! Teaching can be tough sometimes especially when you dont understand everything but its good and my companion helps me out too. We also had Family Night last night with a family whose two daughters aren't members and we watched video. I love learning more about the gospel. As a mission we are reading Preach My Gospel which is great! Nursing stuff is going good. One Hermana told me yesterday that she was thinking about me and she said that I totally just forget myself. Sometimes thats what I do, because I dont really have pdays because I am at doctors appointments with the missionaries. Well I KNOW THE CHURCH IS TRUE!!! I am so thankful to be a member and to be a MISSIONARY!!!

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