Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Hospital Visit, Baptism

I am in the hospital, I received a phone call at like 3:00 in the morning.  When I was talking to her I just felt like we needed to go in. The nice thing is that she lives in my colony, so the assistants came and picked my comp and I up and took us to their house and then she came with me. We got here about 5:00, have been here ever since.  We'll be here tomorrow as well. It really is a blessing to be able to be a missionary and a nurse. I love being able to help in both areas. The doc came in today and he said to me do you need anything and then he looked at another doc who is also my friend and he said to her about me she is the best assistant :) I thought it was nice.

We had a baptism!! That was awesome! I love baptisms and she was happy. There wasn't any water in the colony, but the church has a spare tank!!! :) the church never fails! 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

First Aid Kits
Antigua - P Day

PDay in Antigua, Baptism, Reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish

Well this week was fun! We had the opportunity to go to Antigua which was entertaining and fun!! My companion and I had a good time. Then we went to lunch and the place we happened to go to was with all of the elders, just us and the elders.  We also have been teaching this lady that listened to this missionaries about two years ago and now she wants to be baptized!! YAY!! I am soo excited and she just talked to us last night.  It really seemed like it was something that she needed to get out and she accepted to be baptized!! We also have been doing quite of few things for nursing. We went to the hospital yesterday and that was great!! It really is great to be able to help the missionaries. We also have been making 96 first aid kits that the missionaries will have in their house if there is a Sunday or if in the middle of the night, they need something they can have it.  MY COMPANION AND I HAVE ALSO MADE IT HALF WAY THRU THE BOOK OF MORMON!!!! YAY!! We are soo happy! We have quite a ways to go, but we are going to finish it before the end of the change!! It is a great experience. We are doing it in Spanish too, so its even more fun!!  We really are understanding more though than reading it in English!! I love the gospel!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Surprise Birthday

Well things here in Guatemala are going good!! We had a good week!! We had good lessons and we found some new investigators to teach and they are great! We also had 10 investigators again attend church with us. Some are different from last week!! I love it! We can see a change here in our area. My companion and I are definitely enjoying our time together so that makes everything better!! I love her soo much!! Yesterday was really great for my birthday! There is a family in the ward who we always go and have lunch with. My companion secretly told them that it was my birthday so what they did was decorate their house with balloons and then when we walked in they let fireworks go off (there is a special type of firework they use when its your birthday) and then they had a birthday song playing. It was soo great! I love them soo much! You don't realize the impact that people have to you!! I can't imagine my life without them! They really are like my parents here in Guatemala and that is what they said to us! I LOVE THE WORK!!!! We need to make the good out of everything!!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Blessing of revelation.

This week was a little crazy. So I asked for a blessing of comfort just because it had been a little crazy.  Well he said that I would receive the revelation that I needed in my personal study tomorrow.  I most certainly did receive revelation.  My companion and I have spent at least like 10 hours doing nursing things. We redid cards, we made some commandments that they have to do. It's just really going to help me and the mission presidents wife and the mission in all. It was crazy. We went to the leadership counsel to talk about it. Its been fun though.We had a good Sunday of investigators as well. We had two families come to church and that is always amazing!! I remember my bishop in my other ward said there are families waiting for you where you need to go and now I am teaching families!! Its wonderful!! I love the gospel so much!! 
We had a meeting as a stake on Sunday for the goals for the year. I had people come up to me from the other wards where I have served and some of them had said its a miracle to be able to see you again! I thought that was really nice of them and they just kept coming up to me. It really makes one feel good when you get that kind of love from the people. One of them said that they wanted to come visit me for Christmas, but didn't know if I was still here. I thought that was really sweet!!