Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Great Week

Well this week was great! We had some difficult times, but hey we get through them. It's the way of learning. I am thankful to be able to learn each day. Nothing too exciting happened. We taught and of course I helped the missionaries. We had to go to the capital to help a missionary another day besides my pday and that was good. Hermana Markham came with us! She is so great! Also, we had a big Family Home Evening with a couple families and then four investigators came. That was fun. We watched a movie and then played a game. Those are the moments that we won't forget. They are wonderful! Everyone share the gospel! They all need it out there! Poco a poco y ellos van a escucharles!!! little by little and they are going to listen to you all!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Marriage and Baptism

This week was great! I had a marriage and a baptism which was wonderful!! I loved it! The husband is a member but she wasn't and now she is. She has been listening to the missionaries for a year and a half and now is a member!! It was great. We also had a good conference for the sisters which was great and we need always remember who we are! We have had some difficulties trying to find new investigators, but we are doing our best at trying to find them. The church is true and there are people that are waiting to hear from us!! Share it with everyone!!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Trial of Faith

I am thankful for all of the experiences that I am having and that I can learn more and more each day. This week was a trial of faith, but we made it through. We knocked on doors for two hours straight and 4 minutes before 6:00 someone opened their door and listened to us. We can't knock on doors after 6:00 it was a trial of our faith and our animo umm... I cant think of what that means in english right now. haha Anyways we also got to listen to Elder Ochoa he is the first counselor in the Area Presidency. I talked to him and shook his hand, that was really good. He taught us that we need to hold on to the Saviors hand, so that He can help us and we can be led to others. It was a good week! I also watched 17 Miracles yesterday which was soo wonderful. I love that movie and I love the song on it.. Savior My Redeemer!! So pretty! Keep sharing your testimonies with everyone!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Light Within

Things in the mission life of Hermana Newman are good. I am going great! Just trying to do my best with everything. We all know we have our faults, but we try and change to become better. Not anything too strange happened this past week. Just teaching and helping the missionaries quite often. We knocked on a door and the lady was super happy, then she said can you come back another day, so we did on Sunday. She told me that I contacted her in the street in my last area and that her daughter said did you see her eyes. Then when I went knocking on her door, when she saw me again she said I want to be here when she comes and visits. We went to go visit with them, but she wasn't there. Hopefully the next time she will be there. I told Hermana Markham about it and she said its because they also see the light in your eyes. It was really sweet of her. Teaching is good, its nice when the language has finally gotten better. I was talking on the phone with the Bishop and he said I didn't know it was you because your voice sounded like us haha that was sweet of him. It was funny. Its definitely not perfect and I need to know more words, but it will still gradually come with time. The mission life is good. Just doing what I can and plugging along with missionary life!!! It's good to be able to help the missionaries even though at times it's not easy, but we make it through it! I LOVE THE GOSPEL!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Bishop Family

More Rain

Rain Rain Go Away

Service Work

Sisters in Zion

Silly Picture
Member going on a Mission

Pday at the Zoo

Pres & Sister Brough

Chocolate Covered Bananas Yummy


Half Way Mark

Honduran Compaion made food from her Country



Bishop & Family


Elder Armado from the Seventy


Sweet Companions

Farewell to Brother & Sister Brough

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Miracles and Record calls from Missionaries. Along with another Baptism.

Well this week was great, full of miracles and calls from the missionaries. I had a baptism on Sunday which was great as well. She is awesome and will progress in the church!! One of the stories that I want to share is that two times this happened this past week. We need to contact 10 families each day and in my area its hard to find them. It was like 7:30 at night and we still needed to find 6 families. Well we decided to pray literally in the middle of the street and then we were guided to them. We found them!! It was amazing! The Lord really listens to our prayers! Yesterday I had a pday, it was great. I was a handy woman in the house. I ended up changing out the shower in this house because our water was ice cold and now its warm. YAY! Always took the breath away. haha Nursing is going good, I had many phone calls this past week. One day I had about 10 calls which goes on a record, but hey its okay, we made it through and I pray for them all each day to feel better. My area is good, just teaching and trying to find the chosen ones. Its good though. My area is different but I love it! I am thankful for the members here in this ward. We have Sunday lunch with one family and it just reminds me of Sunday dinner with our family!! Share the gospel!!!