Thursday, April 30, 2015

Coming HOME !!!

Well...this is it! I had my final baptism on Saturday and that was such a great experience! I HAVE LOVED THE MISSION!!! I know that I have a lot of work to do at home but its the hardest thing saying goodbye to the people here who have made an impact on you for the past 18 months. I have changed and I know that as we grow in the gospel that we all can change! This is his work and we all need to share it!! 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Friends and family!! I love you!! I love the gospel and I know that it is true and that as we come to accept the restored gospel in our lives we can be changed!! This is the true church of Jesus Christ. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints!! I love it with all my heart and so thankful that I have this opportunity to serve the Lord. We all need to share it and have that desire!! We dont know how many people we are impacting when we share our simple testimony to them!! YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN SOMEONES LIFE!!! 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Great week, Miracles, ZOO

Well this week was great!! We have seen miracles! We found a family, they felt lost and want to find the truth!! I love it!! They really want to learn more and the wife is going to come to church on Sunday. She said she is just confused in life and want to find her path. When we told him that he needs to pray and he will receive his answer and he said he thinks he knows what it will be!! We also had the opportunity to go the ZOO and we fed the Giraffes, that was fun! My companion and I definitely enjoyed our time!! We all need to share the gospel and let everyone know about it!! The church is TRUE!! As we come to know who we our we will come to know that we need to share the gospel and let everyone else feel the joy that we have in our lives!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Guatemala is GREAT

Guatemala is great!! I love it here! I am so thankful that I can be serving here! What a blessing it is for me to do be able to do! I loved conference so much! We really all need to think about what we learned from conference and put it into practice!! The talks they gave were what we need to hear at this time in our lives and we need to be able to share it with our friends! This week was good with teaching. Right now we are teaching our bishops brother and the bishop said to us, I don't know what you Hermana's have done, but you did something because they never let the missionaries in that house! It's been a great experience and he totally wants to change as well, which I love so much!! I just want so many people to teach right now that just have that desire to learn!! Share your testimonies!!! Even when you feel tired just know that you can keep going with the help of the Lord by your side. He loves you and I love you all. I know that Christ lives and loves us and we need to show him our love back!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!