Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Loving all of the experiences of a Mission

I LOVED Conference and the best part was I got to listen to it in English!!!! YAY!! Things here in Guatemala are going pretty good, just working hard teaching the wonderful Gospel of Jesus Christ! Helping the missionaries out when they are sick. Its a great feeling when they tell me that they are better and that they are so thankful for me. Teaching is great. I contacted a lady on the street a couple weeks ago and we made an appointment with her. That day I told my companion that we need to go to this appointment, we went and she is progressing, she came to General Conference and really enjoyed it. Last night (we had family home evening with the bishop, with her and her two girls)I felt really impressed that we needed to visit her and she told me that before we came to visit her, she was depressed and now she is more upbeat. We asked when we could visit her again and she said whenever you want. We are going today. She said that her husband is going to come to church this Sunday as well! So great! It's such a great feeling, when it was you who was the first person to talk to them about the gospel. We have another investigator who was reading his pamphlets over again and was thinking about us and how he needs to be baptized. Its great! I really love the gospel!!

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