Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Witnessing Miracles

We have seen miracles and I believe in them!! The members are so important in the work. I really can testify of it now. We have a family that we have been teaching for a while now and I was like if they aren't going to decide to get married soon than we have to leave them. Well this week we visited them and there was like a light bulb that turned on in his head and he has seen a change too. Then the Bishop and a counselor went and visited them and they challenged them to think of a date to get married and they said they would pray for it and let them know in church. Well during our baptism that we had, the counselor comes in and he said Hermana's I have something urgent for you. The family is going to get married on Saturday at 3 and she is going to get baptized Sunday and he is going to pray about it. YAY!! I asked them if they are going to get baptized after and she said I AM!! haha I Loved it so much! I love seeing this happen!! Nursing is good, always an adventure that is for sure! I love it though!!

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