Thursday, March 19, 2015

Remember Every Member is a MISSIONARY

This week was good! We had a family be BAPTIZED!! That was soo AMAZING!! I absolutely loved it. I have been able to see their change from the beginning and that was a blessing for me to see them have that desire. They are soo happy now. She said that she doesn’t want to stop reading the scriptures because its like a story. She is pilas!! (which is awesome!) I love them so much! We also got to have a conference with Elder Andersen from the 12 Apostles and that was absolutely wonderful!! I loved it! He really stressed how much we need to focus on understanding the Atonement! He was so great and shook all of our hands. I also was able to see people from my district in the MTC who I haven’t seen in 14 months and that was great! What an amazing thing it is to see the people that you haven’t seen in so long and the change they have had. I love the gospel so much! I am so thankful to be able to be serving here and remember that every member is a missionary so we need to all share the gospel with people. We don’t know who will be touched by your example and by the influence that you have had on them!

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