Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Baptism, Marriage Woohoo Happy Day.

We love miracles!! We had a marriage on Saturday and it was the best thing in the world!! During the week though they were kind of debating on if they wanted to do it or not. We had a lesson with them and I talked about fasting and then after the lesson I told my companion that I wasn’t joking about fasting and she agreed! Well the next day we fasted and then the day after that my companion went and visited them with another sister because we had divisions and they decided to do it and they DID IT!! Today we are going to have their baptisms and I am so excited. I know they are going to do it. He is a little iffy, but he can do it!! I know that the power of fasting is real and can change lives. That was a really confirming evidence that fasting works for me. I love it and she is soo ready. She said yesterday before we taught them I don't know if he asked, but I know I am doing it. I love it soo much!! They make me just want to work and find all of those people who are ready to change and have the gospel in their lives. I can't imagine my life without these people.. I also love the temple so much!! it is such a great place where we can find peace and next week I get to go to a sealing of my convert!! YAY!! 

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