Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Blessing of revelation.

This week was a little crazy. So I asked for a blessing of comfort just because it had been a little crazy.  Well he said that I would receive the revelation that I needed in my personal study tomorrow.  I most certainly did receive revelation.  My companion and I have spent at least like 10 hours doing nursing things. We redid cards, we made some commandments that they have to do. It's just really going to help me and the mission presidents wife and the mission in all. It was crazy. We went to the leadership counsel to talk about it. Its been fun though.We had a good Sunday of investigators as well. We had two families come to church and that is always amazing!! I remember my bishop in my other ward said there are families waiting for you where you need to go and now I am teaching families!! Its wonderful!! I love the gospel so much!! 
We had a meeting as a stake on Sunday for the goals for the year. I had people come up to me from the other wards where I have served and some of them had said its a miracle to be able to see you again! I thought that was really nice of them and they just kept coming up to me. It really makes one feel good when you get that kind of love from the people. One of them said that they wanted to come visit me for Christmas, but didn't know if I was still here. I thought that was really sweet!! 

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