Tuesday, January 20, 2015

PDay in Antigua, Baptism, Reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish

Well this week was fun! We had the opportunity to go to Antigua which was entertaining and fun!! My companion and I had a good time. Then we went to lunch and the place we happened to go to was with all of the elders, just us and the elders.  We also have been teaching this lady that listened to this missionaries about two years ago and now she wants to be baptized!! YAY!! I am soo excited and she just talked to us last night.  It really seemed like it was something that she needed to get out and she accepted to be baptized!! We also have been doing quite of few things for nursing. We went to the hospital yesterday and that was great!! It really is great to be able to help the missionaries. We also have been making 96 first aid kits that the missionaries will have in their house if there is a Sunday or if in the middle of the night, they need something they can have it.  MY COMPANION AND I HAVE ALSO MADE IT HALF WAY THRU THE BOOK OF MORMON!!!! YAY!! We are soo happy! We have quite a ways to go, but we are going to finish it before the end of the change!! It is a great experience. We are doing it in Spanish too, so its even more fun!!  We really are understanding more though than reading it in English!! I love the gospel!!!

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