Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Trip to the Panajachel

Yesterday we got to go to Panajachel. It's a place by the Atitlan Lake which is actually known as the waters of Mormon. They really think that is where that is and WOW it was soo pretty. The president called me and said how many pdays do you spend in the hospital and I said almost all of them and so he said I give you permission to go and so a family here took us and we went. I felt like I was on a road trip with my family. They are amazing people. The mission presidents wife said turn off your phone and have fun and if there is a real emergency they will call me. She is great! I really needed it. There is another missionary in the hospital right now. Its crazy. Today I actually asked for a blessing of comfort because its hard, not going to lie and its exhausting sometimes. 

I know I will be blessed for everything that I am doing but wow it's a lot!! 

Christmas was great!! Christmas Eve at 9 we got to go to a members house and all of my district went and we had food and hung out.  Then at 12 we had turkey and mashed potatoes and watched the fireworks on the skyline of my area because we were on the hill. We also got to go on Christmas day to a family and we had lunch with them! I had another adventure of sleeping in the hospital for two nights and that was entertaining! Really the mission life is never a dull moment. Always something happening. I have learned that we really need to enjoy every minute of the mission even though there may be the hard times!! Time really does fly by soo fast!!! I cant believe it and we need to share the gospel with everyone!!!! 

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