Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Busy Christmas week. Spent night in Hospital.

Well this week was a different week to say the least. Thankful for my great companion who sprung into action with me. First off, we went to the hospital on Monday to help missionaries and didn't get home until like 4:00 and started working at 5:00. Tuesday, was normal. Wednesday we went to our Christmas Activity which was really fun, we played games and we did a live nativity, we were angels. They made us really feel like it was Christmas. Thursday was planning and then we thought we were going to have a normal day and got home and I received a phone call about an Hermana who was really sick and needed to go into the hospital. We had the assistants come and pick us up and we went to the hospital, my comp went to the other Hermana's companion in her area. I slept at the hospital and then in the morning the traveling assistants came and picked us up. I then met my comp and her comp at the other Christmas party. On our way home we were stuck in traffic for four hours and so we ended up not working at all for two days which was weird but it was a good feeling to help the missionaries. I am soo thankful to be the nurse even though its not an easy calling. We all need to remember why we celebrate Christmas and the importance of it.

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