Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Rain, Rain go away. It's making the mission a challenge.

Things here in Guatemala are going well. Yesterday was a pretty eventful day for nursing. I had three appointments to go to with the missionaries and it usually takes us like an hour and a half to get to the capital, but yesterday it was four hours. It was raining and there apparently was an accident. It was a good time! Also we would be walking down the streets and there is a ton of water in the street and the cars would pass by and yep you all already know what happened we would get splattered. Good memories we made! My companions first pday with the nurse haha She won't forget that day. We didn't get back to our area till 5;45 and we are supposed to be teaching at 5:00, but the weather and traffic made everything push back. My companion is from Honduras. She has been out 10 months. We are doing good together, just trying to learn what I can. It has been a little difficult guiding the area again, but I am doing it and the Lord is helping. We have some investigators who are progressing and one said that she might have a religion in her life! Its great to hear and see the progress of them.! We are doing our best to try and find people. THE CHURCH IS TRUE AND YOU ALL SHOULD SHARE IT WITH EVERYONE YOU KNOW!!

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