Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Busy, Busy Week, Temple, Stake Conference, Farewell to Mission Pres. and Wife

This week was great! It was definitely a different week. We only had Wednesday that was a "normal" day. Monday we had our district meeting and I had to go to the capital and Tuesday we went to the TEMPLE!! That was such a great experience to go there again! I have missed it so much. So all of you should go to the temple as often as you can because there are so many temples that are so close to you!! When I was sitting in the Celestial Room, all I could hear was grandpa saying to me I love you too sweetie. Really, I could feel him there with me. It was a special feeling. Thursday we had our last conference with President and Hermana Brough, that was a sad day, but it was good. We cried and they both talked and shared how they met each other. President Brough also looked at me and he said come find us when you get home and I will give you a big hug. It was sad, but it will be good to have a new mission president to learn and grow from. Friday we planned. Saturday we had Stake Conference and so we got to go to that which was great. I got to see Pres and Hermana Brough again!!! YAY!! and then Sunday we had the actual meeting of Stake Conference. That was awesome. Elder Amado from the first quorum of the seventy came and spoke to us. It was great! I gave Hermana Brough one last hug and she was just crying and she said she will write me one last text right before she leaves. Wow its going to be hard to not talk to her, but I know that Hermana Markham and I are going to work good together as well and that I will love her. When I said bye to President Brough, he told me again to come find him and then he said you know how to take care of a mission presidents wife, you really do. I thought that was really nice of him to say. ya we text each other pretty much everyday and most things are about the missionaries but we do have some texts that are what we need for each other to lift us up. It has been great to be able to help the missionaries and to also teach my investigators. It's such a great opportunity to see the change in the people. You all should go out and share the gospel with everyone!!!

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