Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The changing of companion's.

Tomorrow we have changes and I am going to have a new companion. I have sure loved being with my companion for 12 weeks. We have had a great time together working hard. We have had our difficult times, but we get through them. It's sad to have her leave me, but it will be good to have a new companion and learn from her. Pres Brough I know has chosen someone who will work great with me and that will be patient with nursing things. Well this past week has been good. We have had some great lessons, but we have also heard people say that they don't want to listen anymore. It's sad because it's the people surround them that often say things to them about us which things are not true. The people just dont understand. We are working hard to find the chosen. Those who are prepared to hear about the gospel. We had a lesson with one of our investigators and the second counselor in the Stake Presidency visited him with us. It was AWESOME! One of the best lessons that I have had. He challenged him to be baptized this Sunday and he said I will be there at your baptism. It was awesome. We had ward conference and it is so great when I can actually understand. The bishop last night asked us what I thought and I said it was what we needed to hear and I said it's great when I can actually understand it too. It's a blessing. It's a wonderful priviledge to teach these people about the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ! Everyone share your testimony with others!!

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