Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Farewell President and Hermana Brough

My week has been good. I now have a new mission president. I never thought it would be so hard to say farewell to President and Hermana Brough. President Brough told me when you come home come find us and I will give you a big hug. He is great! Hermana Brough was writing me all sorts of the little text message throughout this past week which was great. I loved texting her. I have talked to Hermana Markham and she is so nice! I will see and meet them both on Thursday at a conference. This past Sunday four of us sang in church. You all know that my voice isn't good at all, but hey I attempted it because our first counselor asked us to. After they said that we were not singing alone and it sounded like we had lots of other people singing with us. They said it was like angels were singing with us. Not just the first counselor said it other people as well. It was interesting haha. Teaching has been good. We have two sister members that are preparing to serve missions and so they have gone out with us. They are so fun. It's a good time to go out with them. We just laugh and I love it!! Yes we teach as well. This gospel is so true!!! I am so thankful that I can share it with these people and learn from all of these experiences that I am having. I know I need to be here serving the Lord and teaching his children. Also, I know that I need to be here helping the missionaries. The mission presidents wife said that she is so blessed to have me here. She is so sweet. SHARE THE GOSPEL!! and go to the TEMPLE!!!!! Oh side note. I tried chicken heart this past week. It was interesting.

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