Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Mission Pres. - New companion - Earthquakes - Volcanos - Good Times

Today I had the opportunity to go and teach the new missionaries about health. It was great! It was nice to go and help them. My mission president and his wife are AMAZING!! He told me that he was listening to my presentation and said that I am doing great and that I am going to do continue to do awesome. They are such powerful people. Hermana Brough gave me a hug as we were leaving and said you are going to be fine, we are going to learn together. She is so wonderful. I love working with them. Being the nurse you definitely have the opportunity to be closer to the mission president and his wife. My companion told me today that I am kind of like the assistant to the presidents wife. Its true. They are so wonderful. He told me that I am going to get one of the best missionaries in the field this next transfer which is tomorrow because now I am going to be the only one doing nursing. Anyways this week was great! We had four baptisms this past Sunday and what a great experience that was. To see them change is a wonderful sight. Also, on Sunday we had Stake Conference and we were going on the bus (not very many people have cars so they bused us all up to the other church) and I thought I saw smoke, well I look over and the volcano is erupting that was fun. Just smoke was coming out from what I could see. Sometimes we are studying and can feel small earthquakes, its fun. It's amazing to see the Lord put people in our paths. As we are walking down the streets we will come in contact with people that we really need to talk too. It's a great blessing to see the Lord working with us and guiding us to the people that are ready to hear our message. We have people progressing here and what a great sight it is to see them change and come to know the truthfulness of the gospel. My companion and I have had so much fun together this past change. We have had many laughs, about nursing, about anything and everything. We ran in the rain from an investigators house and that was fun. Apparently when its rainy season it's like rivers, so thats going to be a good time. Everyday is full of surprises. I KNOW THE CHURCH is TRUE!! I am so excited that I have the opportunity to share the gospel with the people here. What a blessing it is!!

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