Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Teaching - Learning - Experiences of Plenty - Embracing the Gospel

This week has been good. My companion and I have had some good times of laughter and success. Then hard times when our investigator doesn't show up for his interview or when we are trying to be guided on who to teach. It's good though. Everyday is a learning process which is great. I love learning more about the gospel and wish that I could just study all day sometimes, but I know I can learn as I teach these people as well. At times it's weird to think that I am speaking in Spanish, I must say it's great when people tell you that your Spanish has really improved since I first was in this area. Some funny moments that happened this week was we came back to our house one night and my chips were on the ground and my companions bread had some bites taken out of it, she looked at me and said un gato and I thought oh dear, it was silent for a moment and we heard meow. Yep we had a cat in our house, but don't worry I got it out well just moved a block because it was trapped and it ran out. SO FUNNY! Also, a little girl asked me as I was talking to her mom in the street, she asked if I had contacts in or if they were the color of my eyes. I said they are the natural color of my eyes. People here dont have blue eyes. It was funny! Three of our converts now have callings in the ward and two of them are in the Young Mens Presidency and the other is a secretary for the ward. It's great seeing the change in them and seeing them be faithful in the gospel. One of our converts saw me the other day and just gave me a great big hug and said, I am just so excited to see you. She is great! We are working to have people progress and to find new people who are ready to hear the gospel. There are many in the street, when we talk to them who just look at us like it's the missionaries again and others walk faster and then there are some that actually listen to us. Its good though. Makes things fun and the ones who are ready will listen. I KNOW THE CHURCH IS TRUE!!!! Go out and work with the missionaries!

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