Monday, February 3, 2014

Officially the Mission Nurse

Tomorrow I officially am the nurse for the mission. This week was good. We had our confirmations and what a great experience that was. I really loved it. We now have two more members of the church and they are so excited to be members. There are people here who are the only members in their families and Satan definitely works on them, but I know they can be strong in this work. Last night we were teaching a lesson and my companion was talking and I felt these people need to hear about love and I couldn't think of a scripture right of the top of my head but looked in the back and knew exactly what scripture to use. It was amazing! The Lord definitely guides us in the direction that we need. I have learned this week a lot that we just need to put our trust in the Lord and he will direct thy paths. There is a family that we are teaching and the father had an accident and he has external pins in and when we were teaching him, I thought and so did my companion he is a future leader of this church. It will be interesting to see his progression.

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