Monday, December 2, 2013

Two more weeks in the CCM, then off to Teach & Preach like Missionaries Do.

This week was good. It went by soooo fast. I cant believe I have already been out here for four weeks and that I only have two more weeks in the CCM. We are going to be the viejos (oldest ones) here. Crazy! Sunday is always great. There was a story that one of the members of the Branch Presidency told and it was amazing. He told about how a man went to the Temple on Saturday to take out his endowments and that he brought a family card with him who it happened to be his wife who has already passed on but he was going to get sealed to her. I am so excited to go out and to be able to touch these peoples hearts. His wife talked about the Primary song I will go, I will do, the things the Lord commands, I know the Lord provides the way He wants me to obey. It was so great! I was crying haha. We also had the chance to hear from President Eyring, Elder Richard G Scott and Sister Rosemary Wixom for a Regional Conference. Apparently they are here in Guatemala. Elder Scott knows Spanish so he talked in Spanish which they had a translator for English and it was weird to not hear his actual voice, but President Eyring and Sister Wixom spoke in English so that was really cool. I had the chance to help out some sisters with my calling as the Sister Training Leader. Some have been sick, so at night one of them was throwing up and couldnt breathe so we had to go get the Zone Leader and District Leader and give her a blessing and got the Mission Presidents wife. Also, there were some girls who were scared so we all gathered around and said a prayer and they have been fine ever since. It is great to be able to help these girls out. I realize more each day why I have this calling and why I am here. I did talk to the nurse here and she said today that I am her favorite nurse. haha She gave me this packet of medications that I will tell the missionaries what to get if they call me. She said I will have a phone and the missionaries will call me if something is wrong and that I will discuss with them the options that we have. Thats about all that I know right now. She is so great though and a big help. She said when I am in the field I can call her anytime I need to if I have a quesiton. This week has been great, I have learned so much, and I know that I need to continue to STUDY STUDY STUDY!! I realize I dont know a whole lot about this doctrine and in order for me to teach it to the people here I really need to study. It is good though and I am study as much as I can. I really wish we had more personal study time because that hour goes by WAY too fast. My knowledge though is increasing and my Spanish is improving little by little.

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