Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Eve

Hello, this week was a pretty good week, it went by fast. I am starting to understand the language more and more each day. I understand words, its just hard to compile what they say fast and then put it into English for me to understand. My companion is helping me though learn and as I speak she is telling me what to say, it is helpful. I just need to remember it all. Our living conditions are great, haha Its good, I am getting used to it, although I am not a fan of mosquitoes and fleas. My legs are going to look bad when I come home. I put on bug repellant, but that doesnt always do it. The ward mission leader and I share the same birthday, he is soo great! I really like him and all the members of the branch here. He said he promises to make a cake for my birthday. haha It doesnt really feel like Christmas other than us singing Christmas songs and some people have Christmas trees in their house. Tonight we are going to the ward mission leaders house and having a party with them. Not entirely sure what it all will consist of, but it should be fun. I am looking forward to it. We contact on buses and knock on doors,it's hard when there are a ton of people on their, but our mission president says talk to everyone because it's their salvation. It's difficult, but I am doing my best and just trying to understand what they are saying to me. haha We have some progressing investigators, but not many set on a baptism date. I enjoy teaching the gospel to the people here, some want to learn and listen and some don't. Whats funny is that I will be talking and my companion understands me totally, but the person we are teaching doesn't understand me and says no entiende ella. My companion says it's their excuse to not understand me because I am not from here and they can tell this isn't my native language. I always ask my companion did you understand me and she says yes. haha Some people aren't prepared for the gospel yet. We had an activity last week with the mission, we were able to go to the temple and then we had a devotional and that was really good. The night before we came and stayed with four other Hermanas and went on divisions because we didn't know the area and I went with a girl from Lindon, Utah and it was so nice to talk to someone in English for a little bit. I talked in Spanish too but just to express myself about my first week in the field was good. This week was a good week. The people here are great!

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