Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Mission Field here I come.

Hola! This week has been good. My Thanksgiving was good, they had a big dinner for us that was decorated. Made us feel like we were home only we weren't. It was really nice that they made it feel like Thanksgiving. We had everything that we usually have for Thanksgiving dinner. LOVED IT!! My teacher Hermano Lopez is AMAZING!! He is the greatest teacher and knows so much about the gospel. He told my companion and I that our Spanish has really progressed and that if we are diligent its going to come. He also told me that as I do nursing that God will provide me with rememberance of the knowledge and wisdom that I have studied in school and more with come as I do it. He is sooo uplifting and gives me hope and encouragement to keep pressing forward. Well this week being the Sister Training Leader has been interesting. These girls are not being obedient and just doing things to cause problems. I don't like going to the President or his wife but I have had to twice now and they came and talked to us all last night on obedience. Ya its been a good time. The Lord is teaching me to not be very nice to people and tell them how things are done if you want to obey. I have to go and turn off all the lights at night and some give me crazy looks, but thats what the Presidents wife has told me to do. Its crazy! I am definitely learning. The Presidents wife is really nice to me. Last night after talking to her I just looked at her and smiled and said thank you! It was nice! Another Hermana said to me you are doing a good job Newman. haha There is another leader with me now and she speaks both English and Spanish which is really helpful. I like it a lot because I can't get the message direct in Spanish. haha I haven't really had to do a lot with nursing besides giving some people medications stomach issues or one went to the dentist. I have talked to the Dr here and he is soo funny. He sent me some references which I thought was really nice of him. I will see him sometimes on Sunday. I don't know exactly yet what I will be doing. Its a surprise. haha Next week I go out in the mission field. CRAZY!!

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