Tuesday, December 17, 2013

First week in the Mission Field.

Well I survived a week in the mission field. What an experience this will be. I am in a little town and there are about 60 members in the branch. Its very different. The people live like they are camping every day. Some of them cook their food on a fire and others have nicer houses to cook on a stove. Our place is pretty nice except our sink, toilet, shower are outside. Its different but its something that I need to get used to here. The members are great and one is really trying to help me with my spanish which I really like. Spanish is hard, its difficult for me to try and express how I feel about this gospel when I dont know the words in Spanish. My companion is from Ecuador and is helping me learn Spanish, she doesnt know very much English. My Mission President put me with her because I need to learn the language FAST in order to be the nurse. It was great to meet him. Its good teaching the gospel. We have a member who cooks us lunch everyday which that is nice and then we eat dinner at 9:30 at night. My companion is ahead of me always, they said it takes time, but soon I will be running or walking really fast. The lessons we have taught have been great, I feel the spirit even though I can't totally understand what they are saying, I pick up on a few things here and there but can't completely understand it. Oh the dogs here are like ants, they are everywhere. Not sure if they have owners or what. They are everywhere though haha random fact. The gospel is great, the church is true and I am doing my best at teaching the gospel. We get to have a mission Christmas party on Thursday and are going to the TEMPLE. That should be fun!! Merry Christmas to everyone.

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