Friday, January 17, 2014

Hot Birthday, Testimony, Dead Squirrels - What a week it has been.

Well this was my first birthday where it was hot in the day. I didn't do anything special for my birthday, just a regular day of teaching people. There is a member in the branch which it was his birthday as well so that was fun! He is the ward mission leader and is way nice! There is a older man that we go and read The Book of Mormon with because he can't read and it is nice to just sit down and read and explain The Book of Mormon with him. We were about to start and he pulls out of his bag two dead squirrels which was his dinner. My companion was about to run away when she saw them. haha. This past Sunday I decided to pray in the morning to have another assurance that Joseph Smith was a prophet and restored the gospel and then in Sacrament we sang Joseph Smith's First Prayer and WOW that was my answer. I definitely could have started crying then. The spirit was so strong and that night I was able to bear testimony of my experience that I had with people. We taught a family that we haven't taught since Christmas Eve and that was great to teach them again and afterwards the dad said that my Spanish was better which definitely makes me feel good. It's hard for me to really realize that it has progressed, but when I hear it from other people it tells me that I have progressed. Yesterday for Zone P day we went to church property and did some service and then hung out. It seriously felt like I was in the mountains of Utah. They have their camps there and EFY. I got to talk to a member who is from Canada, her family is building an orphanage. We got to talk in English which was sooo nice! Nice to have a conversation now and then in English.

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