Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Miracles and Record calls from Missionaries. Along with another Baptism.

Well this week was great, full of miracles and calls from the missionaries. I had a baptism on Sunday which was great as well. She is awesome and will progress in the church!! One of the stories that I want to share is that two times this happened this past week. We need to contact 10 families each day and in my area its hard to find them. It was like 7:30 at night and we still needed to find 6 families. Well we decided to pray literally in the middle of the street and then we were guided to them. We found them!! It was amazing! The Lord really listens to our prayers! Yesterday I had a pday, it was great. I was a handy woman in the house. I ended up changing out the shower in this house because our water was ice cold and now its warm. YAY! Always took the breath away. haha Nursing is going good, I had many phone calls this past week. One day I had about 10 calls which goes on a record, but hey its okay, we made it through and I pray for them all each day to feel better. My area is good, just teaching and trying to find the chosen ones. Its good though. My area is different but I love it! I am thankful for the members here in this ward. We have Sunday lunch with one family and it just reminds me of Sunday dinner with our family!! Share the gospel!!!

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