Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Light Within

Things in the mission life of Hermana Newman are good. I am going great! Just trying to do my best with everything. We all know we have our faults, but we try and change to become better. Not anything too strange happened this past week. Just teaching and helping the missionaries quite often. We knocked on a door and the lady was super happy, then she said can you come back another day, so we did on Sunday. She told me that I contacted her in the street in my last area and that her daughter said did you see her eyes. Then when I went knocking on her door, when she saw me again she said I want to be here when she comes and visits. We went to go visit with them, but she wasn't there. Hopefully the next time she will be there. I told Hermana Markham about it and she said its because they also see the light in your eyes. It was really sweet of her. Teaching is good, its nice when the language has finally gotten better. I was talking on the phone with the Bishop and he said I didn't know it was you because your voice sounded like us haha that was sweet of him. It was funny. Its definitely not perfect and I need to know more words, but it will still gradually come with time. The mission life is good. Just doing what I can and plugging along with missionary life!!! It's good to be able to help the missionaries even though at times it's not easy, but we make it through it! I LOVE THE GOSPEL!!

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