Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Missionary life in nutshell.

Well this week was good and interesting and all of the above. The zoo was fun, its small but it was great and wonderful to go and relax a bit and breathe. I also had another pday yesterday in my house which was great. There is a sister in our ward that well now she is a missionary, she is at the MTC in Mexico. She left today. She helped us out sooo much. I am going to miss her soooo much!! We went to her setting apart because I knew that she really would appreciate that and when we walked in her face lit up. She came over yesterday, we talked and then we took pics. I know the Lord knew that we needed that time with her. We also went to visit this lady who is great, then all of the sudden she came walking to her house, entered, looked at us and said I am Catholic and will always be, you guys don't know God. It was really interesting. When she was talking we felt something weird and our hearts were beating faster. We also saw our convert drunk in the street. Ya that was a good time. I know the Lord helps us though through the hards times and the good times. We had a great zone training today where we talked about our purpose on missions and that we need to change. We were all crying and our president was there and they were crying. We really felt the spirit. They really know what we need to hear. We are definitely guided by the spirit. SHARE THE GOSPEL WITH EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!

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