Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Miracles of Mission Life

It was a nursing type of week this past week. There were some days where I left my area to go to the hospital and it wasn't my pday. One of the days I went with Pres and Hna Markham to take care of an Elder. My comp did divisions with a member here so we could get lessons in. It was good. Pres Markham asked me in the car when do you go home and I said in April and Hna Markham said we have her for a while. She is soo sweet. Then Saturday morning I got a call from an Hna who got stung by a bee and then was allergic and turned into an infection so we had the opportunity to go to the hospital and have a sleep over, her and I. It was an experience to remember. She was soo thankful that I was there with her. My comp went with her comp back to their area to work and I stayed with her. We saw soo many miracles. I called our zone leaders to ask about a Taxi to get there faster and they said why the secretaries are here in our area and can take you. It was crazy! They never are here and then we were driving and we met up with the Hermana and got in a taxi with her because the secretaries werent going as far, but we happened to be in the same city at the same time. We spent the night Saturday so Sunday morning we didn't go to church. The assistants brought us the sacrament, so that was an experience to remember and we read General Conference talks for church. It was wonderful! They also took us back to our areas. They are so willing to help out in any way. Hna Markham didn't want me to go because she said that I have done a lot and I just said to her it's my calling. I am here to help. It was wonderful. They were like three or more hours away from the hospital. This made me appreciate more that I have this calling. It's not easy that is for sure but it's rewarding. Teaching was good even though we didn't have many lessons this week. We are working hard to find people to come to church and have a desire to learn more. I am thankful that I have the opportunity to serve and know this is where I need to be in my life. I really have seen the Lord work miracles this past week!!!!!!

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