Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Lord always lending a helpful hand.

The mission life is going good for me. Just doing my best that I can do. I am thankful that each day I get to learn more and more. Its a blessing to be able to serve a mission and to learn more about the gospel. We passed by a convert to walk to church with her on Sunday and she said that she wasn't going to go because she has two kids. We said we are here to walk with you, so she hurried and got ready but we had 30 minutes before church started. We were like a 20 minute walk or more to church. ya I was twittling my thumbs because I didn't want to be late, but we were fine. The Lord helped us. We left her house at like 7:55 which church starts at 8. We walked up the street and I said to my companion, we are going to ask this family who has a car if they can take us because their ward doesn't start until 10. Their daughter took us, we got their right when they were singing the sacrament song. Oh wow does the Lord help us. We also have been teaching this man. His daughter was always said he isn't home, but you can come back. Then we asked if we could teach her and she said no, when he comes back. Well one night we knocked and she was the only one home, we started talking to her about English. Then she started to gain confidence in us and now we are teaching her too. She looked at us one night and said are you guys going to come in. Oh how I love seeing the Lord helping us. It's great!!! Nursing is good as well. I have my days where it's hard. Yesterday we left our house at 7 in the morning and we didnt get back until 4 and we start working at 5. Ya didn't have a pday, but next week we are going to the ZOOOOOOO and I will go there. YAY I am excited! Share the gospel with everyone!!!!!!!

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