Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Another busy nursing week. Teaching and Preaching.

Things here are going good. This week was a nursing week again kind of. We randomly had to go to the doctors office this past week with an elder, but it was good. I really do enjoy helping them and I can't imagine sometimes them doing it on their own. I just feel better when I am there. We had a little bit of a difficulty trying to find new investigators this week, but we did it! We had five at the end of Saturday and by Sunday night we had 14, we found 9 on Sunday and that was great. Yesterday we taught this young man and his cousin and he has gone to church for a year, but like two years ago and never was baptized.  He was asking where the church started and it was like well this is our message that we have for you!! It was great!! I know the Lord is helping us. Sometimes we don't realize what he wants us to learn from things, but I know that as we put our trust in him, that he will guide us and direct us on what we need to be doing!! 

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